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iLiv All-In

iLiv helps people discover, refine, and realize new ways of working together. This mission starts with a very unique and innovative web application named All-In that users rave about:

"This is the best and most intuitive process driven software I have ever used."
— Phil Williams, Webcor Builders.

"Two heads are better than one" and "diversity breeds opportunity" are sayings that describe the start of some of the world’s most successful projects. But integrating an entire team’s knowledge and experience into a project requires vision and organization – especially for longer projects and for projects with dispersed or cross-organizational teams.

All-In is a perfect hybrid of project collaboration and project management. It makes collaborating and communicating on multiple projects easy.

All-In increases team member productivity by a degree that makes each one of them want to use the software, while simultaneously providing management with live project tracking and deep reporting. It provides a unique and powerful synthesis of work, presented to each team member in one integrative page that drives knowledge distribution, process innovation, and continuous improvement.

The result is that you get the best out of your teams—and your teams get the best out of your projects.


When you sign-up for All-In, you get the iLiv team and our teamwork expertise along with the software. Whether you know your process inside out and just need training on how to get it and your teams into the platform, or you want a dedicated person to help you compose your processes and really drive project performance, we are here to help.

iLiv can assess your past projects, and—just like a sports coach—help you see what works and what doesn’t. Our team can then guide you to ensure that you get the results you want from future processes.


Every team is unique. The goal of our team is to make sure that every user gets exactly what they need out of All-In.

While All-In is designed from the ground up to be remarkably flexible and open to a wide variety of requirements and processes, we understand that sometimes there are specific features, reports, and other requirements that need to be met, and that reach beyond All-In's current capabilities.

For integration of our system with yours, API, data imports, developer training, or custom built features, simply contact us. Our customers will tell you that we always deliver above and beyond expectations.


Being better at what you do often requires helping others be better at what they do.

iLiv is not just a web app backed up by a dedicated team, it is also a community where you can connect with people who can help you reach your objectives. Want to teach partners what you’ve learned? Invite them to your Group. Want to learn from what they’ve done? Have them invite you to their Groups. Need to know something specific? Work with the iLiv Team to get specialized reports that can help you see what works best.

Draw on past projects to develop reusable templates. Share your templates with colleagues and partners. Work with the iLiv Team to tweak and improve your process templates. Reach out to the people you have worked with in the past, or to other users in All-In having the expertise you need.