iLiv Composer In Depth

Use process to make remote work more productive than office work


Totally unique software to help leaders compose great processes

Tap into the freedom, the discipline, and the creativity enjoyed by a great symphony orchestra to express your mission and priorities.
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  • Turn reactive business challenges into proactive business advantages.
  • Compose once. Perform in iLiv Performer™ repeatedly. Get better all the time.
  • Inspire excellence. Communicate mission and priorities. Optimize resources.
The iLiv All-In™ Integrative System

iLiv Composer is the component of the iLiv All-In System where processes are composed, and a logical taxonmy of tasks, roles, and data attributes are defined and managed. It's where you show that you know what you are doing, by describing it as a process.

  • Your first goal is to grow your people quickly: To give your best people—the ones whose output is mission critical or that most contribute to the bottom line—a means to work together with less stress, better focus, a sense of purpose brought about by an open and transparent workplace, and more room for creativity and personal development.
  • The second, complementatry, goal is to convert your highest aspirations and top priorities into elegantly sequenced tasks, supported by just-in-time knowledge distribution. When this is done right, your organization's mission is inevitably realized.

To us, process is life and creativity affirming. It's the essential ingredient of organizational effectiveness—the one truly common differentiator between competitors in any domain. It's an antidote and complement to artificial intelligence; a place to leverage what we call organic intelligence.

We use the term “composer” with intent, and the musical model with purpose. iLiv Composer entices you to think of yourself something like a composer of music, who invites the performers to join together in time well spent. No matter what domain your organization plays in, no matter what disciplines, locations, and other organizations your players belong to, with iLiv Composer you will create the best way for everyone to get shared objectives accomplished on time.

iLiv Composer gives you the following capabilities:

  • Build a repertoire of brilliant processes for your organization.
  • Define types of processes that map to the various projects types, programs, team efforts, customer relations, services, recurring events, human resource procedures, legal proceedings, development efforts, maintenance operations, and so on, that your people do over and over.
  • Create and curate a rational set of roles and data points, that encapsulate your business domain, define your competitive advantages, and provide the metrics required to track progress and continuously improve.
  • Compare, vary, measure, and optimize workflows, priorities, and objectives.
  • Compose an unlimited number of processes, which are available at any time for instantiation in iLiv Performer™.
  • Store and manage your processes, creating a growing repertoire of specified capabilities that your organization can use, vary, repeat, measure, and optimize.
  • Use real time as the organizing principle that coordinates within and across timelines and projects.
  • Describe roles, responsibilities, and special attributes of to-dos, tasks, milestones, and timelines, all without programming.
  • Group and individual roles assignments not only mange workflows, they seamlessly manage security and permissions.
  • Cross-discipline, cross-distance, cross-time, and cross-organizational.
  • Remote work made more efficient than office work. (You can also up your office game.)
  • Link to and complement your existing software systems.
  • Link to SaaS and robotic systems.
  • Equally suitable for a few to literally 100,000+ projects without user overload.
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