iLiv Performer In Depth

Use process to make remote work more productive than office work


The world's most effective process performance platform

Introduce your revenue generators to a better connected, more proactive, more focused, more organized, and more engaging way to work.
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  • Instantiate and perform iLiv Composer™ processes—once, or repeatedly.
  • Cross-discipline and cross-organizational by design. Work from anywhere.
  • Scales seamlessly from 1 to 100,000 projects, while keeping everything, for everyone, all on one page.
The iLiv All-In™ Integrative System

iLiv Performer is the component of the iLiv All-In System where processes are performed, day in and day out, in real-time, by the people who directly create value for your organization. It's where the real work gets done.

Because this product is so critical to your success, we have spent 15 years making iLiv Performer into what is probably the world's most unique and powerful (and patented) platform for getting hard things done—across time, across distance, across disciplines, and (if required) across organizations. And it is certainly the only one based on the model of classical music performance.

The key to iLiv Performer's effectiveness is that it puts the individual worker first, front, and center. We don't make the mistake others make of comingling the planning and management side of work with the performance excellence side (we split those functions out into iLiv Composer). Everything in iLiv Performer is centered around the one person who is logged in.

Each user has their own unique view of everything they have to do, across all of their projects, all on one page. Our innovative interface delivers a comprehensive, clean, and panoramic perspective. It pulls off the trick of being simple without glossing over the details.

iLiv Performer perpetually answers the performer's most urgent questions:

  • Who is doing what?
  • What do I have to do next?
  • How are we doing?

The result is less stress, better focus, and more room for creativity, through a powerful combination of freedon and discipline.

  • Communicate and coordinate around pre-composed, optimized, and repeatable processes.
  • Each user has their own customized view of all of their work.
  • Scales from 1 to 100,000+ projects without user overload.
  • Naturally collective and transparent.
  • Cross-discipline and cross-organizational.
  • Remote work made more efficient than office work. (You can also up your office game.)
  • Not a competitor, but a complement to project management and accounting tools.
  • Individual timezones for users and events, all automatically coordinated.
  • Unlimited notes and documents, directly connected to tasks and milestones for immediate access as you work (no directory surfing). Unrestricted storage and versioning.
  • Unlimited number of groups, facilitating permissions and workflow management.
  • Patented role invitation system permits painlessly shifting people in and out of roles, permissions, and responsibilities.
  • Group invitations, to hierarchically invite partners to a role, leaving them the option of deciding who on their team will fulfill the work.
  • Powerful search of projects and activities performed and to be performed.
  • Complete activity data repository available daily for reporting and analysis.
  • Unlimited, user-defined (no programming) attributes attached to any task or milestone.
  • List and calendar views for everything I have to do next across all of my projects (even if there are 10,000 of them).
  • Quickly find and contact anyone you have ever worked with, even if the project is no longer active, or they have moved on.
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